10X Rule for achieving massive success

By | July 9, 2016

10x Rule is a book written by American Entrepreneur Grant Cardone, who help millions of people in achieving success.

achieving massive success

As a human being, we all have dreams and desires. Each one of us wants success in our lives. But the truth is that life is not good for all. Only a few percent of people are able to accomplish what they have desired for themselves.

As a motivation writer, I go through lots of success content in past few years. Also, I studied highly successful people, what I came to know that there are few things common in achieving success. But the most important factor which will guarantee you success is, taking actions. And this 10X rule is also about taking massive actions in your life.

What is 10X RULE?

To understand this rule you need to set a goal for yourself. We all have goals in our lives, it may be related to your finances, life, family, marriage etc. You can apply this rule for any of your goals.

Let’s take a common example of financial goals. How much money do you want to earn in each month or in a year? Set a number for yourself. Suppose you want 20000/month. This rule says that whatever your number is multiple that number with 10.Here 20000 *10 = 200000.

Now create a plan for your 10x goal, not for your original goal. Because the truth is that probably you can come up short on both goals. So which one is better coming short on 20000 or coming short on 200000. Is it making sense?

You can apply this rule in any area of your life. When you set 10x goals for yourself means goals that are a monster or are unachievable. What your mind do, it will force you to take a higher level of actions. This rule is all about taking massive actions in your life. There are three levels of actions.

No actions, Normal levels of actions, Taking massive actions.

People who take no actions are poor people who do not deserve anything in their lives.

Normal levels of actions are for normal and average people. If you are taking normal levels of actions then you must receive normal rewards. Such people are always struggling for happiness in their lives.

Taking massive actions in your lives will lead you to highly rich and successful. If you take massive actions you surely will receive massive rewards. People who take massive actions are 10 x people.

So guys now you know the importance of taking massive actions and this 10x rule is also about taking actions. As you take more actions in every area of your life, you definitely are going to achieve massive success in your life.

More actions you take in your life more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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