15 ways to Turn Everyday into A Perfect Day

By | December 14, 2018
15 ways to Turn Everyday into A Perfect Day

A perfect day is a day where you do all the activities you have to do and still live happy and stress- free. 

“We all have 24 hours but how we use them, define our success”.

A day balanced in such a way that you have sufficient time for your work, time to relax, time for family, friends and for yourself. Which is very important to have a good life in today’s harsh world.

Every day become full of chaos and people have lots of things to do but have no time.

Most people woke up in hurry and no time for the morning routine.  They get ready for their jobs and doing their work the whole day. Then come tired at home, no energy left nothing just they eat and go to sleep.

harsh world

No time for family and friends where they can talk, share some experiences with them. No time for personal development, health or to learn something new every day.

If you have this kind of lifestyle then you must change your routine. You have to find ways to make your day incredible.

Some people know exactly what to do through the day which is necessary. Such people woke up with passion every day. They know exactly their routine and always take actions. If you want to live such life you also have to design your day.

Perfect day is not where you do all the fun and parry kind of things. It is the day where you do things which are helping your purpose in long run.

15 ways to Turn Everyday into A Perfect Day

Day should be positive and balance

Positive day means a day where you do all the things which are good for you and your future. On the other hand, the negative day is a day where you waste most of the precious time on things which are not important. Your day must be filled with huge actions which contribute in your success.

Secondly, your day should be balanced. Design your day in such a way that you do all the actions which are important. Make a perfect balance of things which involve enough time for work, relax, relationships and personal development.

Start Previous Night

If you start thinking previous night what you have to do the next day is the best way to design an incredible day.  It saves lots of your time and tension. Don’t wake up with the empty mind.

I learn this trick some time ago and now I use it to design my day. Now at every night I spend at least 15 minutes thinking that what I have to do next day. It makes my day organized and I have lots of time for everything, that why this trick is so powerful.

So start giving 15 to 20 minutes for yourself, where you have to feel that what your ideal day should be. How you want to design it? What things you want to experience and how much satisfied you want to be at the end of the day?

Be More Detailed

writing goals

Make a list of all the actions you take in a day and write them all. Write each and every activity of you from waking up in the morning till night.  If you know already what you have to do next is the best way to achieve more in life.

Every person has a different lifestyle and way of living. Men, women, students, businessmen, employee, kids, the old person all have a different daily routine. You have to choose your daily activities according to your lifestyle.

So, be more specific about what you do and make a list of small things in detail. This way you can protect yourself from wasting your time.

Set Your Priorities

When you have everything in mind the next step is to choose what you have to and when to do. 

Tasks which are more important and more difficult always do them first. It can relive lots of stress and pressure from you. If you complete your important work at the beginning of the day, you have all the time for the more things you want to experience that day.

So finish your most important work first and then make the rest of your day perfect.

Limit Distraction

Watching too much TV, Always sticking to your phone, Laziness, Procrastination, Fun, and Parties these all are distractions. People who waste much time in such activates never become successful.

Success requires lots of hard work on daily basis.

Distractions are the biggest reason why the majority of people are a failure because people spend so much time on them every day.  

Don’t waste your time on things which are not productive, do something else which is more meaningful. So try to eliminate distractions as much as possible if you want to live a perfect day.

If you have fewer distractions in life you can save your lots of time and can use this time for a better future. Try to make every day as a perfect day by limiting your distractions and that way you can achieve anything.

People wasting years of years in distractions and you could be one of them.

Do One Thing at a Time

If you want to become the perfectionist, master in your field then you have to do one thing at a time. Attention, focus, dedication all are required to produce a good result. Good results always produce motivation and satisfaction.

Don’t focus on many things at a time because this way you always end up with complications and stress. Live in the moment; give value to whatever you are doing that time.

Behave Well Throughout the day

People often get stress out due to their hectic schedules. Such people are always angry, frustrated and also show their anger on others. The reason is people don’t know how to balance their work lives and social life.

Design your day in such a way that you do all your work still happy and can smile on other. No matter how big the problem is, learn to behave well in every situation. The problem comes many time in life, don’t spoil your day due to ups and down. Always try to live the happy life and make other also happy.

Don’t sleep your life away

Don,t sleep your life away

Some people have habits of sleeping in the day and that is not a good habit. According to Ayurveda taking a little rest after taking your lunch is very good. But some people sleep 2 or 3 hours a day which is totally wrong for your health.

Don’t make your day awesome by sleeping most of the time. Utilize this time to create or contribute something. Make a habit of learning new something every day. Invest some time in yourself rather than sleep.


“You can do hundreds of thing in a day but only if you want to”.

The biggest benefit of designing your day is productivity. Productivity means you can do more things in less time. If you plan everything in advance you can also execute lots of thing in life.

So start designing your day if you want to live a productive life.

Live intentionally

Living intentionally means you are aware of all the things that you are doing and happening around you. You have to take actions which are in line with your vision to become successful in life.

If you design your day you also can live intentionally, means knowing everything, what you have to?

No More Wait

If you really want to achieve something or want to take your life to next level you have to start now. Start designing your day from tomorrow; don’t wait for something to happen.

No more excuse, no more complains stay honest to you.

You can design it, believe in it, own it and then it is possible.

Consistency and step by step

Never imagine that everything is possible in one day, it is consistency which is the key. You have to do hard work rest of your life and this is a fact, remember it.

“Rome was not build in a day”.

Design your day in such a way that you can make it your lifestyle and do rest of your life. This is called making your every day a perfect day.  The journey of success is always achieved step by step.

Clear vision 

You must have a vision in mind about all the action you take. This is the best way to execute all your activities fast and still have time. Otherwise, you just live with flow and nothing will happen.

Strong morning routine

Morning time is the best time to execute your most important tasks. In the morning we have full energy and we feel fresh. No distraction in surrounding so that we can work in cool and calm environment.

Almost all successful people have strong morning routines because they know its importance.

If your life is hectic, start using morning time to complete important tasks. It may be your life related, carrier related or health- related whatever it could be.

Meditation or Deep Breathing


meditation, deep breathing

Meditation or deep breathing for at least 5 to 10 minutes between your tasks is good ways to handle all the pressure. We often feel tired or lazy after some time, and then we trapped into our distractions and waste rest of the day.

If you want to increase your performance and work on your full potential, start doing meditation, deep breathing or pranayama when you feel tired.

Sit back relax, just focus on your breath, take a deep breath and forget everything at that time.

These methods are good ways to throw your laziness away. Laziness or doing nothing is the biggest killer of your future.

The Conclusion

Life is very short, whatever time you have try to live on your full potential. Make your everyday count if you want to become successful in life.

Try to apply all methods in your your daily life if you want to turn everyday into a perfect day. 

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