Are you living the life which is required for your success

By | January 1, 2019
type of life

Achieving success these days is very difficult; you have to live life on your full potential otherwise someone else will grab your opportunities.

Three kinds of life I am going to discuss and you have to decide which category of life you come. According to me all people lives either one of this life which define how successful they are.

Caged Life

Sometimes things are different in life, some people face real disaster where they get totally broke in their lives. They stuck in a cage either of their past or current circumstances or maybe theirs believes where they feel caged or trapped. Such people can’t get free from their emotions because they think that their situation is special and nobody can understand it.

caged life

 But such life for a longer period of time may bring some serious side effects. For example, if you put a big animal in jail or zoo what will happen. He will only get frustrated and angry but could not do anything except for looking into the people for help.

Similarly, if you are in your caged life you could not do anything except looking towards other people for help. In such state, people can’t ask for help instead they are looking for help.

In such state, people become angry, frustrated and lost their common sense that what they have to do in their lives.  Some people go into bad direction and start destroying their lives by doing drugs or falling into some bad habits.

You can utilize your suffering In a positive way by learning from your experience. Do not ever let yourself down or hold back from anything, use your brain to overcome any situation, convert your strengths into weaknesses. Stop blaming other people and your circumstances because this way nobody become successful.

Start breaking your cage doesn’t wait for something to happen again. You have to stand on your feet’s and must achieve success in life because ups and downs are part of life. You could not let go your bright future due to some incident or accident.

Comfortable Life

comfortable life

According to me, this is the most dangerous category of life. It has mainly two types of people. One type of people get comfortable with their bad habits and do nothing in life. And another type who accept themselves average and get comfortable with little earning they made.  

Both these people never have freedom in their lives because they spent all their time managing themselves. Success requires lots of hard work but comfortable people don’t like hard work this is the main cause why these people exist in large number.

Never think that you are less in any aspect because all human being is the same and can achieve anything they want. But only if they are willing to do all the hard work.  Never satisfied with what you are getting always try to achieve more. Because life has phases who knows what will happen tomorrow.

So if you are living comfortable life get out of it as soon as possible and try to live life on your full potential.

Charged Life

charged life

Here comes the final category of life which has lots of benefits but require continuous hard work. People who have full of energy, passion and always be motivated are living the charged life.

These people are not addicted to their comfort nor they caged or trapped in beliefs. People living the charged life always push themselves little further each day to achieve more in life. Achieving something bigger each day triggers continuous motivation that’s why these people are always full of energy and enthusiasm?

If you live life with passion and try to improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities each day you can also live charged life. Never satisfied with what you are getting always try to raise your standards. If you do so no one can stop you from having a great life except you.

The conclusion

Life is a race and if you don’t live it properly it will push you down every time. To compete in this harsh world, you have to live fully charged life then only you can win this race. Try to live the life on your full potential and make your every day into a perfect day.

In the end, I want to say that every one of us must try to live the charged life because the sky has no limits but our life is limited. Go grab your opportunity and design your destiny as you want.

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