God, Luck or Hard work who is responsible for your success

By | January 7, 2019
who is responsible for my success

There are billions of people on this planet earth. Some are successful and doing great in their lives. But the majority of the people are a failure because they don’t know who is responsible for their success.

Unsuccessful people are always confused about their lives, they often ask some questions to themselves. Why I am not so lucky? Why God is not helping me? I believe so much in God but God doesn’t listen to me. My karmas are bad that’s why I am not getting but I want etc.

Successful people never think like that these are all queries of loser people. They don’t know the real reason behind success and the real reason is Hard Work. They focus on all the other things but not on the real reason.

Why God is not responsible for your success

I believe in God does not mean that God is responsible for my actions and success. God has given us an incredible body, beautiful planet earth and all basic necessities to live. What else you are expecting isn’t it enough.

God is not responsible for your success

God helps those who help themselves

God has given life to us and rest will be in our hands.  Do not focus on things which you have no control. You can not control whether God is helping you or not. You can only control your actions and efforts. Just focus on your efforts, actions and do all the things which are required to achieve success.  If you do your hard work, God will definitely help you one day.

Does luck play an important role in success?

luck play an important role in success

If you ask me I will say that it matters but only 5 to 10%, I think. But some people are heavily dependent on their luck.  They don’t take necessary actions but always blame their luck. As I heard somewhere, more you try luckier you became.

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.“ – Harry Golden

When some people fail in their lives they stop trying, thinking that they are not lucky. This is not the right way to approach any problem in your life. So don’t depend on your luck, it will change surely one day but if you try hard.

Don’t come up with all the excuses that you are not lucky. Your luck is in your hand, you can change it if you want. Never back down from anything because if you give your efforts and do all the hard work, surely one day you will be lucky.

Does hard work guarantee your success

Hard work may not guarantee you success but lack of hard work definitely leads to failure. Hard work, giving your best efforts and taking actions all the time are the most important keys to success. People, who sit all day, not take necessary actions and wait for better opportunities never achieve anything.

 Successful people always take massive actions and do lots of hard work daily. But people only watch their success and are not aware of the fact that their journey is full of hard work.

s hard work required to achieve success

Do not disappoint with the fact that you have to do hard work. It is the price you are paying before your success. So start putting your full efforts in whatever you want to do. Take huge actions so that no one can stop you from achieving what you want.

It is only hard work which can guarantee you success, not your luck or even god. More hard work you do, better actions you take, you will definitely get better results. But if you continue to take bad actions you will definitely get bad results in future also.  In the end, I want to say that, the hard work is the only way which can guarantee you success.

Do not just work hard, do the hard work.

The population is increasing that’s why competitions also increasing and achieving success became more difficult.  People don’t know the correct ways to do hard work and this is the problem.

Work hard and hard works are two different things. Majority of people understand hard work in a wrong way.  Such people are wasting their energies here and there but not focusing on one thing. 

work hard or hard work

Work hard means taking actions below your capabilities. Such people do not use their mind properly and not living lives on their full potential. Our mind is the most advanced machine out there in the world.  This mind separates us human beings from rest of the species. But some people are not using it properly. If you are also putting your efforts below your abilities then success is not for you.

On the other hand, hard work is the key to success. Hard work means doing all the things which are required but with a higher level of consciousness. Where you exactly know what to do? How to do? When to do? Etc.

Try to maximize your potential, increase your perception and put all the efforts, where they are required. For this, you have to increase your knowledge, skills, abilities each day. Hard work until you reach a point where you have the accurate perception of the reality. Doing hard work always leads to better results in the future.

Things to remember when you are doing your hard work

This world is full of talented people who are always doing hard work to achieve success in their life. In present conditions, it is becoming more difficult to grab your piece of cake because more competitions are out there. So you have to be very careful when you are doing your hard work.

Increase your consciousness

As I said, this world is full of intelligent people and if you want to compete, you also have to raise your consciousness to compete with them. Doing your hard work where you are fully aware of your actions. Whether I am working on my full potential or not?  Am I taking actions which are required? Am I doing hard work below my ability? Such kind of questions you have asked yourself.

It is very important to increase your consciousness or perception of reality. Increase your skills and abilities raise your standard and try to improve your actions to live a higher conscious life.

Focus on your vision only


“The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest”.— Deepika Padukone

Vision means what you want to become or achieve in five or ten years from now. Make your vision and start taking actions which are relevant to your vision. In this hectic world there are millions of distractions and any one can easily distracted these days.

Successful people only focus on their vision; they only do things which are required. If you want to become successful or want to achieve something you also have to focus on your vision only. Put all your energy into your vision and then no one can stop you from achieving success. But if you waste your energy here and there then nothing great will happen in your life ever.

 Never Give Up

If you gave up, the race is over for you, there only. If you want to continue the race and also want to win it then you have to keep fighting. Hard work is the only key to success so don’t give up, I tell you why?

“There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up nor stop believing and fighting” –-Hope Hicks

When you don’t give up and continue your hard work, you can beat the most talented guy out there. Talent, good education and intelligence give you nothing but hard work gives you everything. So never give up because people who hard work always get success.

Be hungry, fight for everything and don’t forget to take massive actions. Never give up and one day surely, you will find a way to your success

The Conclusion

I think, you definitely got an idea that who is responsible for your success. It is hard work which is the most important key to success. Don’t ever blame God or depend upon your luck because these things are not in your control. Your actions, efforts, and your hard work are the only thing which is in your control. So focus on things which are in your control and don’t focus on something else.

In the end, I want to say that hard work is responsible for the majority of your success, so never forget to do hard work.

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