How to Get What You Want

By | July 8, 2016

what do you want in life

We all have dreams and things which we all want to accomplish. But in reality, there are very few people who are able to achieve their goals and finally got what they want.

If you not getting what you want then I want to tell you that there is more for you to get, you deserve more, you can have more and there is no shortage of anything out there. You just need to have right approach towards your dreams and make sure that you have the right mindset every day.

4 Things that helps you in getting what you want

Clarity of things

First thing you need to have the clarity of what you want. Because clarity of purpose is vital for achieving success and making your dreams come true. If you do not have the clarity then it is not possible for you to achieve anything and you surely end up losing in your lives.

Clarity of purpose helps you to focus more on your dreams and prevents you from distractions. And trust me, guys this simple step will save lots of your time. Clarity of things helps you to take action every day on your specific tasks and you can become more efficient and productive. So always make sure about what you want because only then you can achieve it.

Spend More Time on Your Goals

working on your goals

Once you have the clarity, the next step is to define your goals because you need goals and action plans to accomplish what you have defined for yourself. People often ignore the importance of goal setting that’s why the majority of people are a failure.

Goal setting is a powerful process of thinking about your future and motivating yourself to do more towards your dreams. It will give you long term vision and short term motivation. Since it will give you short term motivation so you need to spend more time on your goals by defining them every day then I will guarantee you that no one can stop you from achieving what you want.

Set Your Priority

All successful people set their priorities. They do their most important task first in the morning. So you also need to prioritize your tasks and which will come on first place start doing that. It will give you so much confidence when you accomplish your most important task.

If you really want to achieve anything start making your priority list and make sure you follow it every day. Setting your priority will lead you to save your energy, time and efforts and most importantly it will make you most productive in a day. You can never achieve more in a day without setting your priority for the day.

So guys start making your priority list and do your most important tasks first thing in the morning and that’s why you can get what you want.

Do not stop until you get it

never stop

Do not stop until you get what you have dreamed for yourself. You have clarity of purpose, your goals are now defined and you also know your priorities. Now it’s time to do all these activities on the daily basis until you get it.

Work on your dreams in such a way that you have laser-like focus and no one can disturb you without your permission.

3 Problems that stops you in getting what you want


Uncertainty is the problem where people do not know what they have to do in their lives. About 50% of the people never bother themselves in defining their strengths and weakness. They do not know what they can do best and that’s why they come into the wrong profession and end up losing in their lives.

I am telling you that uncertainty can kill you. In order to get what you want, you need to have certain about something in your life. So find your passion by knowing yourself more and start doing what is best for you.

Do not like meeting new people

afraid of meeting people

Most of the people are of shy nature. These people do not like to meet and interact with new people. As a result, such people have very few friends and contacts and most importantly no one knows such people, who they are? What do they want? And what they do etc.

In this competitive world, everything you accomplish is going to happen with the help of other people. So guys leave this shy nature if you have because this is the biggest obstacle in your life that will stop you every time when you need other people.

Inability to persist on a given path

At least once in our lives, we all have decided something to do with our future. But the majority of us are not able to follow that and very few people are able to work on their dreams. This is called the inability to persist on a given path.

This is because today’s world is becoming full of distraction. Internet, TV, smartphones and all other convince of the modern world can distract you within a second.

But you need to have willpower and guts to work on your dreams on a regular basis. Because we all know that

   “Success is a Journey, not a Destination”

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So guys always work according to your plan and repeat all these activities each and every day until you get it.

More things you get in your future more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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