Everything you need to know about drinking water

By | December 24, 2018
drinking water

Water is the most used brewage worldwide and most important also. Still majority of people don’t drink it properly because knowledge is not there and people don’t care also. If you are no drinking water properly then it is not good for your overall health. Lots of rules and regulation regarding drinking water are there but if you don’t know then how can you make changes?

There are lots of questions in people’s mind about drinking water like, How to drink? When to drink? How much should I drink? Etc. If you want to know all the answers then follow along the blog.

How much water should you drink every day

how much water should i drink a day

This is the biggest or most important question out there but people don’t have accurate knowledge. The majority of people believe that our body contains 70% water and if 1% of the water level goes down we feel thirsty and we have to drink water.

Morden science says that we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day, which is not true actually. Just because doctors and other people are saying, don’t become blind and drink more water. Water requirements per day will depend upon numbers of factors.

How much water you should drink will totally depend upon the size, age of your body and how much physical work you are doing. People who are involved in more physical activities, sports persons or any other people who are sweating their bodies can drink more water. Such people can drink 4 or 5 glasses of water but still according to their need.

But all those people who have a sedentary lifestyle and are involved in very less physical activities should not drink more water. 3 glasses of water are sufficient for such persons.  So drink water according to your life style or need.

According to Ayurveda one should drink water only when you feel thirsty. People are involved in very less physical activities these days but drinking lots of water that,s why population is becomming sick.

Why drinking too much water can kill you

We heard often that our body is 70% made up of water but it is not true also. Do you also believe in such myths? 0% of our body is made up of water. Instead of the water, our body is made up of cells, blood, bones, fluids, electrolytes or minerals etc not purely water.

Access of everything is bad for you as it applies to water also. If you are drinking too much water you are harming yourself. Drinking more water every day can cause water intoxication and a disease called Hyponatremia.

Hyponatremia is caused due to drinking too much water which reduces the salt and sodium level of your body. If you are drinking eight glasses of water per day then you are doing totally wrong because it can wash away all you minerals.

drinking too much water can kill you

Three myths regarding drinking more water:

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a myth number 1.

Due to the decrease in salt and mineral levels, all cell in the body starts to swelling. Water starts to fill in the parts of your body. But the problem arises when your brain cell starts swelling causing headaches, vomiting, muscle swelling, brain damage or even coma. So start drinking less water if you are drinking too much water every day. Otherwise access water will wash away all you minerals in the body.

If you wash away necessary minerals of your body through water then the body can forget to function properly which leads to heart attack, brain damage or coma.

If you are thinking that it takes nothing to digest water then you are totally wrong. It takes 2 or 3 hours approximately to digest a glass of water. If you drink eight glasses of water every day than you are not resting your body. Don’t put your body on constant work, it will waste all your energy.
So stop drinking eight glasses of the water every day. Don’t do it because everyone is doing.

Body does not know when it is thirsty, myth number 2.

Today’s doctors say drink more water because your body doesn’t know when it is thirsty. It is made 70% of water and you have to drink more water to full fill your requirements. It is not true, don’t believe in such myths.

The human body is the ultimate or biggest creation of God, it knows everything. No bigger technology than this can be made.

From hot or cold, pain or pleasure, hunger or thrust our body knows everything. It is no so dumb that it does not know when it is thirsty. It can feel everything. So don’t believe on this myth that your body doesn’t know when it is thirsty. And only drink water when you feel thirsty.

Drinking more water flushes out your toxins, myth number 3

Drink more water, pee more and all your problems will wash away. Such bushtits doctors are talking and people are believing. Some people say that drinking more water can cut down the fat and you can become slim. Biggest myths in which people are believing and harming their bodies unintentionally.

So people are drinking more water, in a belief that their fat, pain, acids, stones or toxins of the body will wash away. Not a single person ever cures such problems due to drinking more water but instead, they gather more problems due to drinking more water. Don’t ever think that you drink water and it will out, as simple. So don,t believe in such myths, who says drinking more water is good for you.

Dangers of drinking too much water every day

Symptom of drinking more water

More water more Pressure on your heart

Heart in the left side your body continuously pumps the blood in your entire life. Drinking more water can create access pressure on your veins which is not good for healthy heart. So only drink water when you feel thirsty.

Drinking more water shut Down your Digestion

There is a fire inside our body which is very important for providing heat and digesting food. More fire means good health and increased digestion. If you drink more water, the fire inside your body significantly reduces. Gas, acidity, lack of energy, access fat all can come if you drinking too much water.

Don,t Overuse your Kidney

Kidney filters all your water and has a limit to it. Our body is made in such a way that if you use it properly you can use it more than a hundred years. If you are overusing your organs than they will shut down before time.

Swelling in Body or brain

When you drink more water access water will fill up in your body results in swelling of your muscles, veins, or brain which leads to coma or sudden death. So don,t drink too much water, it is not good for your brain health also.

Decrease minerals in the body

Decreasing levels of minerals is the biggest problem of drinking too much water. If you are drinking more water all you minerals will wash away through urine. Weakness, low energy, headaches such problem can come in future.

Body can become out of balance

More water results in more urination. People who are drinking too much water will put their bodies on constant work. Drinking water all the time and going to urination is not the actual state of your body. So drink less and live longer.

Correct ways to drink water

correct ways to drink water

In Ayurveda, there are lots of things said about drinking water. Many rules which clearly indicates us that we have to drink water with proper rules and regulations.

But people of nowadays have no idea about these rules and regulations. They are drinking the water wrong ways and unintentionally harming their bodies.

Always Drink water in the Morning

Morning time when you woke up, the first thing you have to do is drink water. This is the best time to drink water when you have the empty stomach and has many benefits to it.

But instead of drinking water people used to drink tea or coffee first in the morning which is not a good habit. Always make a habit of drink water first thing in the morning.

Avoid too Cold or too Hot Water

Water of moderate temperature is the best to drink, not too cold or not too hot. These days’ people drink too much cold water or chilled water which is the worst thing for your body. Drinking chilled water of refrigerators comes up with lots of problems like body pain, low blood pressure, cold and coughs, throat problems, asthma etc. So avoiding too cold water is the best thing you can do to your health and body.

Drinking hot water has hundreds of benefits but too hot water is also not good for you. So always drink the water of moderate temperature if you want to live longer life.

Never drink water with your meal

Some people have a habit of drinking water or some cold drink with the meal which is responsible for their disturbed digestion. If you are doing so then your body stops to extracts minerals or vitamins from your food. That’s why some people eat so much but still are weak and have low energy. The reason is, they drink water with their meal. The fire inside our stomach is responsible for digesting the food and extracting good things from food. If you shut down your fire something negative will happen.

Avoid drinking water half an hour before or after your meal

Drinking water half an hour before or after the meal is also not good for your health.  In Ayurveda drinking water before the meal, with the meal or after the meal is considered as poison. Always maintain a gap of at least 45 minutes and then you can drink some water.

Do not drink water too fast

Some people have a habit of drinking water too fast which can lead to so many problems. So start drinking water sip- sip, I tell you why?

When we drank water slowly saliva of your mouth gets mixes with water, which is very important to digest the water properly. Saliva of our mouth is very powerful and helps us to fight many problems. That’s why people also recommend eating food slowely, because saliva mixes properly and helps in better digestion of food, same goes for water also. So start drinking water slowly if you want maximum benefits out of it.

Never drink water while standing

It is not recommended to drink water while standing because it leads to pain in your joints and body in long term. Always drink water when you are in a sitting position not while standing or walking.

Drink less water after sunset

In the evening, after sunset, weather is much cold outside and your body requires less water as compared to daytime. This is is knowledge of our Ayurveda which is very vital for good health.

Always drink less water after sun set if you want to live a longer life. Majority of people don’t know this knowledge and that’s why more problems are increasing day by day.

The Conclusion

The water is the most miraculous and widely used beverage in the world. If you drink it properly, it can help you to live a healthy and longer life. But people are not drinking it properly and that’s why the unhealthy population is increasing. So keep in mind all the points related to drinking water in the future, if you also want to live a healthy life.

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