Protect Yourself from Negative Energies

By | December 18, 2018
Negative energies

In today’s world, there are lots of negative energies entering into our body but we don’t know and don’t care about them. These negative energies take away all our time and making us sad, depress or unhappy.

News and Social Media

I am not saying that watching the news and doing social media is bad but excessive use of technology is causing all the issue.

People became mad about news and social media in such a way that they are doing all these stuff the whole days. The news industry is full of garbage showing crime, disappointment, corruption and negative news most of the time. Such data you are feeding to your brain is a kind of negative energy I am talking about.

Whatever we put inside our brain become part of us. If you are feeding your brain such negative news something negative definitely come.

Social media is a great tool for reaching out in the world but people are not using it properly.

 Most of the people are browsing others post, what they are doing, where they go, what they do and so on. But suddenly such people get disappointed from their own life, they ask them self why I am not doing all this, my life is miserable and this is a kind of negative energy I am talking about.

If you want to know more about side-effects of social media then you can read here.

Such negative energies are not good for you because this stuff is not related to your goals and dreams. Watching the news, doing social media for a little period of time is good and wasting your time in such things is definitely not great.

Focus on your goals, spent time in increasing your sill’s abilities and knowledge not on something else which is not good for you.

Negative People

Negative peoples are of many kinds and have lots of negative energies inside them.

First of all those people who are not happy when you achieve something are negative. People who always blame others and always consider themselves right are the people you should watch out for.

Negative people always want something from you but cannot give something in return. Such people you have to recognize and stop hanging out with them because they have shit mentality which leads to complete failure in future.

These people are very intoxicated in nature and can damage your thinking from their negative energies.

People who always discuss others fault; talks behind their backs, making other people fight and always disrespect someone small are some example of negative people.

 If you interact with such people daily then definitely you are harming your brain and body in a big way.  If you are hanging out with such a person then it is not good for you. Their negative energy may affect you and can decide your the future.

Hang out with people who are more positive, intelligent and successful in life. Talk to them learn from them and apply in your life, this way you can protect from negative people.

Illegal Money

Illegal money means money derived from some illegal activities. We never should accept that money because it contains lots of negative energy.

illegal money

 Money earned from hard work is the only way for a successful and happy life. Money earned from illegal activities contains lots of pain, suffering and bad blessing of others which is the negative energy I am talking about.

When you use that money for food all these negative energies will enter in your system and damages you from inside you have never imagined. So try to earn money which contains lots of good blessing and this way you never have any problem in life.

Bad Habits

Bad habits are the biggest source of negative energies. People who trapped in bad habits consume lots of negative energies these days.

Habits which negatively affect your carrier, health, relationships or your wisdom are bad habits. This is the number one reason why majority of people are a failure in life.

Watching movies, TV, reality shows for two three hours every day is a kind of bad habit. Eventually we don’t get anything positive out of them.

Some people waste time in Laziness, Procrastination or doing nothing, which is also a bad habit and responsible for negative energies.

When we do nothing, we don’t use our mind. If you want to live happy, successful or positive live, you have to start using your mind.

Otherwise an empty mind is a place of Devil and devil has lots of negative energies.

Gambling, drugs, do not take responsibilities, hurting other people, not thinking about your future are some bad habits you should watch out for.

People become blind when they fall into bad habits and lose their common sense to everything.

Don’t go for such sudden pleasures, instant gratification or short-term goals. Always spend time in some positive things which are more meaningful to you.

So protect yourself from negative energies of bad habits if you want to live a great life.

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking

Negative thinking is the root cause of all failures. Everyone can achieve success but the negative thinking of people is stopping them.

Name, fame, money, resources are not as important as positive thinking is?  If you have believe in yourself and you are positive about life then you can achieve anything.

But opposite of it happens; people are becoming more negative these days. Most people think like that;

I am not a like successful people; and cannot take all the responsibilities.

I have no money or contacts, I cannot do it or I don’t know all this.

This is a kind of negative energy due to negative thinking and you have to be very aware.

If you are thinking that way then change your mentality from today. Such mentality leads to complete failure in future. You are digging hole for yourself and you are not aware of it.

Always believe in hard work and that way you can reach your destination.  Nothing is impossible but if you don’t have any of above negative energies inside you.

The Conclusion

we all want to live happy and successful life, but some people are not happy in their lives. Such people gathers lots of negative energies throughout the day, which is the reason for their sadness.

But you don’t be sad, stay away from above negative energies and you will be happy and succesful. 

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