Top 10 Winter Tips You Must Know

By | December 11, 2018

Winter season comes with lots of problems and no one wants problems.  In winter due to more cold, our body continuously works or consume energy to maintain the temperature. This constant burring of energy often creates problems and deficiencies if you don’t care. There are lots of things you can do to protect yourself from cold and winter problems.

Top 10 tips for this winter season

Eat More Food

Food requirement increase in winter because continuous energy or fire is burning inside. Fuel is required every time to heat up the body. And the food is our fuel that’s why we can digest more food in winter. If you don’t eat properly in winter then deficiencies in the body can come. Weakness, low strength, and stamina can become your problem in the future. So take proper diet in the winter season to fulfill all the requirement of the body.

Fast Workout

Doing something fast which causes sweating is very important to heat up your body in winters. Heat up your body by your physical activities is the best way to save your internal energy. Fifteen to twenty minutes of quick workout is sufficient to make you sweat. Once the body is charged up there are fewer chances of you feeling cold. Do some exercises to digest the extra food you eat in winter. Weight gain or fat related issues significantly increase in winter. People eat more but don’t do the workout, so not make that mistake.

Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water has hundreds of benefits which most people don’t know. Drinking hot water in winter is very important to keep yourself warm. Good blood circulation, flushes out toxins, keep muscle relaxed, cold and cough, digestion, fat burning are some benefits. So start drinking hot water in winters if you want to take care of yourself.

Sun Therapy

Sun exposure to the body at least half an hour a day is very important for good health. Seven different colors of sunlight have different benefits to health but people often miss this. Warming your body through sunlight is very good way to protect yorself from cold.

Warm yourself 

It is very important to wear worm clothes in winter to protect yourself from cold. Add some extra layer of clothes and don’t forget to cover your feet’s.  These three months are the only time when you going to use your warm cloth. So don’t be shy and use them properly.

Protect Your Skin

When the temperature goes down pores in our skin automatically get closed to keep heat inside the body. That’s why we feel dry skin in winter all the time. So you can apply some cold cream on your face, hand, feet’s two or three times a day.  

Sleep long

Days are short and nights are long in winter and there is a reason to it. It is a big indication to all of you who sleep fewer hours. Try to sleep at least 8 hours in winter to maximize your health and performance.

Oil is important in winters

According to ayurveda winter season comes with 80 different types of Vaat diseases. If you want to protect yourself from these diseases start using more oil in winter. Little more oil in food and oil massage to your body is very important to prevent yourself from cold weather. So start using little more oil this winter season to get maximum protection.

Spices and Herbs

Our body is the biggest chemical factory in the world which processing millions of operation in a day.  The body requires vitamins, minerals, chemicals, acids and different nutrition’s to work well. Especially in the winter neutrinos in the body decreases at a very high rate. Spice and herbs are natural mines of vitamins and minerals and can be used to overcome any deficiencies.  So start using spices and herbs in your drinks or food to take care of your health in winter.

Don’t Fear from winter

If you are the person who doesn’t like winter season then you have no need to fear. Don’t focuses on fear rather focus on things which are necessary?   You know all this stuff so you don’t have to worry. Decide in which area you need the care most and do those things.

I hope you like the article, thank you for your time.

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