What is Consciousness and how it is deciding your future

By | December 27, 2018
what is consciousness

Consciousness means a person’s awareness or perception of something. How you deal with reality in life will depend upon your consciousness.  What you are doing in your life? What actions do you take every day? How you behave in every situation all these things depends upon your level of consciousness.

Billions of people lived on this planet earth and all have different levels of consciousness. Different things are running in different people’s mind which is responsible for their success or failure. To live a highly conscious life you need to be aware of all the things you are doing.

Even most intelligent minds cannot solve the mystery of consciousness because it requires your attention all the time. It is far deeper than you think and you need to figure out the theory consciousness.

Everything that is happening to you good or bad will depend upon the level of your consciousness. How much you are earning, how happy you are in life, how are your relationships all depends upon, how you see the reality? and how you behave?

Practical examples of consciousness

 Each and every activity we are doing from waking up in the morning till night all requires consciousness but us often doing things unconsciously.  

Waking up early in the morning or waking up late is a type of conscious decision. People who wake up early in the morning are highly conscious because they know how important this is.

Giving at least half an hour for fitness of your body is a type of conscious decision.

Whether you are wasting your time or gives time to yourself is a conscious decision which majority of people are not aware.

Spending time on learning something new every day or wasting time in TV serials, movies or social media is also a conscious decision.

Choosing your profession and doing things you loved the most is also a conscious decision. People who are doing the work which they don’t like are not conscious ways of living.

So you have to be aware of the thoughts that process in your mind. Be aware of what you are doing and what you have to do, so you can change that negative into positive or failure into success. Be conscious throughout your day and make it into a perfect day.

Two levels of consciousness.

 Higher consciousness

levels of consciousness.

Higher consciousness means the degree of your accurate perception of reality, where the mind can immediately predict what to do and how to do in any situation of life. It’s all about sharpening your mind by learning something new every day and applies your learning in practices.

 All successful people are highly conscious because they always try to become the better version of themselves. People who live in high consciousness are fearless, courageous, not trapped in believes and always think long term. These people have lots of energy, enthusiasm and a passion to live life, they enjoy each and every moment with happiness because they know the importance of happiness. Knowing the importance of each and every activity of yourself and doing what is good for you is called living in higher consciousness

Lower Consciousness

More percentage of people comes in the category of lower consciousness that’s why more people are sad, unhappy or unsuccessful in life. Lower consciousness means having a very less degree of accurate perception of reality.  Here people have no idea what they are doing in lives and how their decisions are affecting their future.

They have no idea how to use their brain to analyze any situation in life and they are just going with the flow of life. Such people are very materialistic and always think about short-term happiness. No self-esteem, fear, ego, low confidences, lack of energy, rude, angry are some characteristics of lower conscious people.

These people are trapped in their belief system in such a way that they think everything is going great and nothing better than this can happen. They don’t give time to improve themselves because they are bounded in their limits and perhaps they don’t know the sky is the limit. Never restrict yourself because a human can do many things if you want to.

5 reasons why a majority of people have lower consciousness

lower consciousness

There are some factors which are responsible for the lower conscious of people.


Environment means a place where you live, people you hang out with or your surroundings.  The environment has a huge impact on people mind and body. Majority of people are thinking, acting or behaving in the same way as the people around them. Someone is doing so I also haveto do it, this kind of behaviors of people are responsible for their failure. Everyone is different and we all have to take decisions according to our situations.


Lower conscious people are always lazy because they take no actions which are necessary. Such people waste their time in their comfort zone and have no idea about how their decisions are affecting their future. Lazy people can’t figure out that their laziness is the biggest problem because they have very little perception of reality.

Bad Habits

Bad habits are highly responsible for the lower consciousness of people. People fall into bad habits and lose all the ability to predict reality. Such people become blind and have no idea about how their habits are spoiling their future. So if you want to live in higher consciousness then you have to throw away all your bad habits.

Negative Thinking and Negative People

Some people are trapped in their negative thinking in such a way that they can’t do anything better.  Their thinking is so restricted or negative that it leads to complete failure in life.

On the other hand, hanging out more with negative people also leads to lower conscious life. If you talk the negative all the time then how you can become successful.

Change is Difficult

Many people want to change their lives and want to live more consciously but this is not happening. Changing from your old you into a new you is very difficult that’s why a majority of people are a failure. It takes lots of courage to take actions which are necessary and not doing thing which are bad for them. To become a highly conscious people you need to know all the pros and cons of your decisions.

2 Tips to increase your level of consciousness

increase your level of consciousness


Everyone has a lower level of consciousness in beginning but some people work on themselves and this is called learning. No one is perfect and we can achieve anything through our learning. If you want to live a higher conscious life start spending some time on yourself. Read, write, and watch something which is more meaningful to you. Increase your knowledge, skills, abilities day by day and then you also can also live a highly conscious or successful life.


Pranayama means meditation, breathing exercises or deep breathing. Powerful pranayama is a good way to move from a lower consciousness to higher consciousness. When you do pranayama oxygen intake increases up to 500 % which is a very good way to detox your mind and body. Practicing breathing exercises will significantly increase your energy and consciousness at the same time.

People who do pranayama have significantly increased in their knowledge, wisdom, perception, or understanding of reality.  This I can tell you from my experience because I am doing pranayama from more than two years. Impact pranayama had on your mind is on another level which you can’t imagine. Doing Pranayam for at least 15 minutes a day is the easiest way to increase your consciousness.

The Conclusion

There is so much hassle in the world right now, people running here and there for work and doing whatever they getting. Somewhere down the line people forgot their main purpose of life and this is all due to lack of consciousness. Consciousness plays a very important role in finding your purpose and achieving success. So you have to increase your level of consciousness if you want a bright future.

In the end, I want to say that doing all your activities and knowing pros and cons of them is consciousness. Higher consciousness means you are aware of all the thing and lower consciousness means doing things without knowing their impacts. It is up to you now that what kind of actions you want to take.

High consciousness is very important to feel good all day long and also helps in solving all your problems in life. Life is often more simple than we make it. Thank you.

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