Why diseases are increasing day by day

By | January 26, 2019
why diseases are increasing day by day

Human population is becoming sicker in recent years this world has never experienced before. Diseases are increasing with such a rate that over a billion people are now living sick lives. Something is going wrong in our lifestyle that’s why a majority of the population is becoming unhealthy.

Thousands of diseases are rising from common cold to cancer and affecting the lives of people. Blood Pressure, Diabetes, obesity, Arthritis, Heart attack, brain stroke, cancer, autoimmune diseases are affecting millions of people every day. There is something wrong in our lifestyle that’s why diseases are on rising.

In ancient times, humans are not aware of all these diseases because such diseases are not so common those days. There were no modern medicines, doctors or technologies then but still people lived disease-free lives. There is something we can learn from their lifestyles so that we also can live disease-free lives.

Main causes why diseases are on rise

Life became imbalance

Lack of discipline in the lifestyle of people is responsible for most of the diseases. To live a healthy and disease free life a balance in your daily routine is must require. Fix the timing of waking up, sleeping, exercising, eating your food, taking some rest for better health.

But these days people are not waking up or sleeping on time and their biological clock got disturbed.  Not taking your food on time, unhealthy food eating and eating late night meal are some examples of imbalance in the life of the people. Majority of people are working here and there all the time in search of some money but not giving some time to their body and health.

This is called lack of balance in the lifestyle of people which is responsible for the problems.

Less physical activities

To keep our body healthy and fit we have to do some physical activities daily but that is not happening. Artificial intelligence, automation, and technology are contributing in less physical activities of people.

God has given us an incredible body; it has millions of process running inside which we do not know. When we move and do some physical activities all our veins, bones, muscles, and organs get stronger and healthier. On the other hand, if you do not move your body and spend most of your time sitting or laying then the body gets weaker from inside. Physical activities are most important to make your immune system stronger.

An immune system is the defense system of our body. It fights with all the problems and diseases from inside and helps us to live longer and diseases free lives. Now, immunity of people is getting weak due to less physical activities that’s why more diseases are increasing. If you want a strong immune system which fights with all the diseases then start doing more physical activities from tomorrow?


There is a very famous saying that,” Stress is the main cause of all diseases”.

stress is main cause of all diseases

Millions of species made by God but us human being are the most stressful amongst all. Infect we are the only species which is full of stress that’s why only humans experience such diseases.

Our hectic world is becoming full of competition which is responsible for the stress of people. Finding a job, making some money, handling relationship and society, doing a marriage, raising kids, running here and there for your work all the time are some of the things giving stress to human beings. No other species are experiencing such kinds of stress that why they are happier and healthier than us.

When we have stress, certain bad chemicals start flowing in our body and brain. These chemicals damage our body and are responsible for all the diseases. so do not take any stress in your life if you want a disease-free life.

Unhealthy eating

Most of the diseases are occurring due to unhealthy eating of the people. Junk food, fried food, packaged food, shelf product, chocolate, toffee, burger, pizza, processed food etc. all are examples of unhealthy eating. Human has created all this food for better tastes and quick options but these foods are unhealthy for sure and creating all the problems.

People living in villages or rural areas have very less availability of such food and that why those are healthier. On the other hand, people living in towns, cities eat more unhealthy food which is responsible for their bad health. What we eat has a huge impact on our health but people are not taking it seriously.

Little do we see in nature is ours.

To live a healthy life plant-based diet, fruits, vegetables and all those things provided by nature are good for us human beings. Always go for natural option and try not to eat man-made packaged or processed food. It is true that over 70% of diseases are occurring due to such bad food habits of people. So to live a longer and disease free life watch out what you are eating.

Pollution and Use of chemicals

pollution and diseases

We human beings are only responsible for the reason that diseases are on rising. Air, water and soil pollutions are at its peak. Our technology had created lots of smoke or dust in the environment that people all breathing and becoming unhealthier. Sea, rivers, and lakes all are polluted by us human beings that people are now drinking polluted water.

Use of chemicals in the soil to produce better food is the biggest foolishness of our scientist. These chemicals destroy certain properties of the soil and making the soil dead slowly. Grain, vegetables, and fruit produced by use of chemicals are not healthy at all and creating many problems. Such factors are hugely responsible for the increasing number of diseases per day.

The Conclusion

As I said that, billions of people are living sick lives, anyone can fall into diseases these days. So to live a disease-free life you have to look back at the ancient people’s lifestyle. Waking up or sleeping at right time, eating healthy food, doing yoga, pranayama or exercises every day, taking proper sleep are some of the things ancient people do each day.

Start applying such things in your daily routine and you will never get any disease in your life. If you want a diseases -free life then be aware of the above factors which are the main causes of all the diseases.

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