Why Human Intelligence is working against Humans

By | February 12, 2019
why human intelligence is working against

The Human mind is the most complex and intelligent machine out there in the world. Billions of species made by God but our human mind separates us from other species. Everybody knows that our world is becoming more hectic, more polluted, more unhappy day by day.

The Complexity of the modern world has created millions of problems and living on this planet earth right now become more difficult than ever. All problems are created by us human beings because in some ways our intelligence is working against us.

Top 5 ways where human intelligence is working against humans:

Instead of protecting nature we are destroying it

Nature is the only and most important aspects of our lives. It is the nature which separates the planet earth from billions of other planes. We can not live without nature but instead of taking care of nature we human beings are destroying it. We people are cutting the jungles, harming other species, polluting oceans and rivers, making huge air and sound pollution, throwing chemicals into the soil, water, and air are some examples of it.

how we are destroying nature

Global warming, climate change, unexpected floods and earthquake, diseases, deaths all are increasing because we are playing with nature. If we do not stop, then surely one-day planet earth will lose its capacity to provide fresh air, water, and food. Then it becomes very difficult for billions of people to survive.

It clearly means that we are not using our intelligence properly and destroying nature which is most important to us. This is the biggest example of why human intelligence is working against humans.

Inspite of hospitals, doctors, and medicines why more people are becoming sick

We all know that diseases are increasing day by day this world has never experienced before. Ancients times are much better than today’s times in terms of health and happiness.

We use our intelligence and created hospitals, doctors, specialist, medicines but these all are not serving their purposes properly. Morden medical system is only controlling the diseases they have no idea how to cure them. It means we humans are not intelligent enough to know the mystery and complexity of the human body.

Little our scientist know they had created medicines, vaccines, and chemicals drugs which are not curing the diseases but spoiling the health of people in long term. It means what we have created is working against us that’s why I am saying that human intelligence is working against humans.

Technology is making our lives worse

why technology is bad for you

Technology is created for the better and more convenient life of people but that is no happening. In recent years, people became more addicted to mobiles, computers, the internet, cars, bikes, gadgets etc. This results in an increased number of unhealthy and unhappy people.

As I told you that our mind is the most complex and biggest creation of God. It is very difficult to control your mind and use it in a proper way. People are not using their mind properly that’s why people are doing more activities to harm their lives. Technology is not bad for us but excessive use of technology is creating all the problems.

Disturbed physical health, poor mental health, pollution, lack of sleep, diseases, depression, obesity, stress, lack of social skills are some of the negative effects of technology. I can say with guarantee that after knowing this a majority of people still can not control their addictions. Why this is happening because we do not know how to control our mind and use our intelligenc.

Humans have created the technology for the better life of the people but the reality is, people’s lives are becoming worse. That,s why I am saying that human intelligence is working against humans.

We are producing many things which are not good for us

When money came into this world all problem started since. For making money people are producing, unhealthy food, drugs, chemicals, weapons, bombs which all are dangerous for us human beings. These are some biggest examples of why human intelligence is working against.

Our mind is the most intelligent mind out there but we are itself producing things which are harming our lives. This is called intelligence working against, instead of producing good things we are manufacturing bad products.

More humans are becoming unhappy and unsatisfied

Millions of species made by God but us human beings are the only species which are unhappy and unsatisfied in their lives. All other species from an ant to blue whale clearly knows how to use their intelligence that’s why they are happier and healthier than us. They are happy in whatever they are getting but us humans always want more because we do not know how to control our brain.

We human beings are the most advanced species but why we are facing problems with happiness and satisfaction? Our mind or intelligence is responsible for this because it stars working against us.

The Conclusion

Advancement in the modern world is proving to be a threat to human beings. Something is going wrong that we are not using our mind properly and doing negative things most of the time. We forgot the difference between good and bad and this is not a good sign for the upcoming future.

In ancient days the lives of people were much simpler, happier than today. People of those days were much bigger and much more intelligent than us. But today, our intelligence is working against us that’s why serious falls in the grace of people and environment are happening.

I do not know whether you like this article or not but I am sure that you will definitely get an idea about the topic. Comment below what you think, Thank You.

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