Why majority of people do not set goals

By | July 25, 2016

myths about goal setting

Goal setting is your first step towards achieving something. When you set goals for yourself it will force you to concentrate on a specific task and achieving something becomes much easier. Successful people, businessmen, celebrities, sportspersons all set goals for themselves because they all know the importance of it. But as for the middle class and poor people majority of them do not set goals and achieve nothing.

Did you know that only 5% of people have cleared written, measurable, time-bound goals and plans to achieve them? This 5 % of people are those who earn ten times much as compare to the people who do not set goals. Now, why the majority of people do not have any goals? If you earn ten times as much with goals, if you have ten times much success with goals then why don’t people all have goals? Here are 5 believes that is why the majority of people do not have any goals.

5 Believes about why you do not have any goals

I already have my goals

People who say that I already have my goals and there is no need to set any are the people who do not have any specific goals in reality. If you ask these people about their goals they always tell you that I want to be rich, nice to have a good house a decent car and want to live a happy and successful life etc.

These are not goals; these are our desires and wishes which are common to all people on planet earth. And if you have similar wishes which you call your goals then you are in a trap and needs to get out of it. Goals are something that needs to be designed carefully; you need to work on then daily and improves then constantly. If you have goals that are not in writing then these are just waste of your time. You never going to achieve them because goals are not our desire it needs to be defined properly.

I don’t need goals, I am doing fine

Living your life without goals and objectives is just like reaching new county having no maps, guidelines and you need to reach the destination. Without goals, you have no directions and then you are just reacting to whatever happening to you and hoping for the best.

If you are doing good today without written goals and plans then wow, it means that you can probably be doing many time greater in future if you have clear and written goals. It is really important to have goals in your life so start defining them.

I don’t need written goals; I have them all in my mind

importance of goal setting

Our mind is like a butterfly that flies from one flower to another without stopping ever. Thousands of thoughts come into our mind per day and we cannot take care of them. If your goals are only in your mind then you cannot focus on them in many ways because of our busy mind. Such goals offer no clarity and they do not give you any motivation. So do not believe on such myths and start defining your goals.

Written goals and plans are the sources of motivation if you know how to define them properly. But if you think you can achieve your goals without defining them then you are the biggest losers who do not know the importance of goal setting.

I don’t know how to set goals

Never say that you do not know how to set goals because you can learn anything. Unfortunately, goal setting is not so easy; it is a skill which requires lots of clarity, dedication, and motivation. If you work on your goals daily then only you can achieve them.

But if you have such beliefs then you are fooling yourself because you can learn this for your future and you have to do it if you want any success. And if you continue to have such myths then you are the only one who is responsible for the disaster.

Goals don’t work life is too unpredictable

When a plan takes off for the flight 99% of the time it reaches to the designation. Many times weather broke up some other problems arises but pilots have always goals and plans for the successful landing.

Same thing happens in life if you have long-term goals and plans to achieve them then you have to change yourself many times for the upcoming problems but eventually, you will reach your designation of health, wealth and great success.


These are 5 believes which stops the majority of people from setting goals for themselves. Guys do not believe in such myths and start defining your goals and plans. If you know how to set goals for yourself then you can take complete control of your life.

More goals you set for yourself more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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