Why Sedentary Lifestyle is becoming the Biggest Problem of Mankind

By | December 20, 2018
Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle is a type of lifestyle where people are involved in very less physical activities. People who spend most of their time sitting or laying while doing their work, and watching mobile, TV, Computer most of the time are less physically active people.

Millions of species of life made by God but we human beings are the most unhealthy and unhappy ones. Do you ever see any animal or bird with anxiety or depression, mostly answer is no because of all other species are not involved in sedentary Lifestyle?

Why Sedentary Lifestyle is Increasing

Sedentary Lifestyle due to technology is becoming the biggest problem of mankind. People sit all day in their offices because most of the work is sitting related and not require any physical hard tasks.  

Such people are not doing something fast which involves fast heartbeat and sweating of their body. People these days are very less physically active and depend mostly on technology to do their tasks. 

 Instead of doing some physical tasks people stick to their phone for hours and destroying their time and health. That’s why people in old times are far healthier, far stronger and bigger than us because they do all the things on their own.

People in ancient times travel from one place to other by their feet’s but today everyone travels in cars, bikes, train, airplane which all require sitting. That’s why problem of Sedentary Lifestyle is increasing day by day.

Artificial intelligence and automation rising with such a speed that now machines are doing all the physical activities and people are not. So it is high time for you to understand the importance of physical activities.

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you are not involved in any physical activities and living Sedentary Lifestyle from years, then problems in the future will definitely be near.

There are lots of side effects of Sedentary Lifestyle which I am going to discuss.

Health Problems Caused by Sedentary Lifestyle

Increase in Body Weight

Sedentary Lifestyle causing obesity is the major problem today people are facing. People are eating so much junk food but don’t have any time for any physical activities which involve fat burning.

Calorie intake of people is increasing that’s why fat people also increasing in numbers.  Obesity has lots of side effects and if you want to protect yourself from obesity starts to involve in any physical work, exercises, and pranayama.

Decrease in Flexibility

Flexibility is a good way to check how much your body is aged as compared to your actual age.

If you can touch your toe that is great it means you have sufficient flexibility so you can live longer. But less physical activity and sitting for hours significantly reduces the flexibility if you don’t care.

Stretching, exercises, runnings are good ways to increase the flexibility of the body and you should do that.

Increase Risk of Cancer

If you are sitting more than five hours a day the cancer cells in the body may get increase. So it is very important to involve in any kind of activity if you want to live cancer free.

Poor Blood Circulation

When we do something fast blood reaches out in every part of the body which is very important for good health.

But when we do less physical activities blood stop’s to flow properly in our system and lack of blood flow is very dangerous.  Sedentary Lifestyle significantly increases the risk of damaged nerves system. If you want o keep your mind and body healthy starts doing something.

Risk of Injuries and Diseases

Our body is made in such a way that if we take care of it, it can function properly more than hundred years.

But most people don’t live that long today because they don’t use their body properly and less physical activities are one of the major reason. Our bones and muscles get stronger if we use them but is we don’t use them opposite happens.

They get weaker as we spend more time sitting and risk of injuries and diseases increases.

How to Beat Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle

In ancient times, it was impossible for human beings to live sedentary Lifestyle. All people live the active life then because everything they had to do their own, from finding food, water or even shelter for them.

But from past fifty years technology has changed the world. Now technology is doing all the activities and people are becoming physically inactive.

People are busy in their work in such a way that they now adopted the Sedentary Lifestyle. If you don’t have any physical work don’t worry there are ways you can keep your body fit.

Strong Mourning Routine

Morning time is the best time to work on your body and fitness. In the morning doing something fast for even twenty minutes is sufficient for you to feel charge the whole day.

Set at least half an hour for yourself where you can do some exercise, yoga, running something which is fast and can tire you completely. This way you can protect yourself from many side effects of Sedentary Lifestyle.

Make a habit of Walk

Walking is the easiest way to beat Sedentary Lifestyle.

Don’t miss any opportunity of walking in your home or office, if you want to become more physically active. Going to market, walking in park, talking stairs etc are some ways you can combat Sedentary Lifestyle.

Don’t sit More than 45 Minutes

If your work is most sitting related then you can set reminders of 45 minutes. Where you stand up and do some stretching or little walking if possible.

People are sitting for hours is the biggest reason of increasing diseases. Sitting for the long period of time is not good for you, so if you also have this habit then change it now.

Walk When You are on Phone Call

Taking advantage of walking when you are on a phone call is another good way to beat the Sedentary Lifestyle.

If you are not physically active then implement small things in your lifestyle to prevent yourself from risks of Sedentary Lifestyle.

The Conclusion

Advancement in human civilization comes with millions of problems. Sedentary lifestyle is one of that problem which becomes the biggest threat to mankind.

People are spending hours without moving their bodies and that’s why diseases are increases.

If you are also living the sedentary lifestyle and involved in less physical activities then it is the time to change.

Manage your day in such a way that you are doing enough of physical activities. Which is very important for the overall health of your body.

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