Why You Should Believe in God and Why God Exists

By | December 15, 2018
Believe in God
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Why few people believe in God because believing something that we cannot see through our eyes is very difficult.  

But we have so much evidence which is the proof of God. If you do not know about something you must have to learn and seek.

Similarly, you want to know the existence of God you must have passion inside you to learn and seek new things and then there may be a possibility that God may exist.

“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself”.— Swami Vivekananda

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Six Evidence which is Proves of God Existence

History of God

India is a land of millions of God.

In India, we have millions of Gods, temples, holy places which are the strongest part of its culture.

 All around the world people are divided into some religions, all regions have their own Gods and all of them believe in God.

Every day in India millions of people visits temples with one believe that God Exists and that is our culture.

In Himachal Pradesh where I live, believes and rituals of people on God are on another level. A festival name Dushera held in a place called Kullu once in a year has a unique ceremony.

 Real God

People from different villages have their own Gods, which they carry on their shoulders and bring to this festival.

Hundreds of Gods on place is something very incredible to watch.

Thousands of holy books of ancient time are out and available. All books clearly indicates to people that there is a higher power, controlling all this. That’s why people have so much believe in God.

But today people become more scientific, they want proof and proof is not there. That’s why modern civilization is forgetting God. 

But you have understood that, there is something that’s why people believing since thousands of years. So start believing in God.

God created this Universe

According, to the latest research done by human beings, we all believe this universe is created due to Big Bang.

God Existence

All the planets, stars, and galaxies suddenly appear and exist till date. But if you believe in Big Bang theory then you are fooling yourself, I tell you why?

In this planet earth only, we have billions of people, animals, birds, insects, trees, mountain, oceans and all are running smoothly. Each item is crafted to perfection in such a way that we cannot even find a single fault.

There must be a higher power controlling all this because it cannot happen accidentally.

We human perform some tasks or manufacture something has many defects despite working hard and doing so much research so how such a big creation could be a result of the accident.  Everything is very scientific and advance that we humans cannot imagine.

A blind person can ask a question that does God exist, makes some sense because he or she might have not seen nature. But if you can see nature then you must have to believe in God because there is nothing more beautiful than this can be created.

Karma Of God

We know that all human beings are different from each other’s but our internal structure of body and mind are the same. All people have a similar structure of brains but produces different thoughts and results.

 Even twins don’t possess similar qualities which are from the same mother  father and lived in the same environment.

Intelligence, wisdom and grasping power of everyone is different, do you ever think about it.

People having same eyes but a way of looking thing are different. The heart is the same but the behavior is different.

Having the same vocal cord but the voice is different; hands are same but produce different results. That’s why few people are successful and majorities are a failure.

According to Indian culture, this is the result of our Karma. When we born we came with our past Karma and decisions we make today affect our future.

Is God Real

God has everyone’s record in his books, he or she is always watching you. Gods Karma system is evidence that God really exists.

if you want to know more about Karma you can read Here.

But do not worry if you’re not doing well, because you can definitely change the future. That’s why I always say that nothing is impossible.

Never focus on your past, it is not in your control. Always try to improve your action today because they will decide your future.

Humans cannot create finished goods without raw material

When we put seeds into the soil we get awesome results. A tiny seed becomes a whole tree but we don’t know how?

Every flavor, taste or even smell is inside the soil but we cannot extract through our modern machinery.   

We cannot produce a single drop of blood, water, milk or even oil which we use daily. Science behinds these are beyond human imagination.

 We cannot produce a single particle of human cell, animal cell or plant cell even one particle of soil to manufacture is impossible for human laboratories.

But all these are available so we forgot the reason behind them and the reason is the existence of God.

Nothing is Incomplete

God has created billions of people millions of species and a beautiful planet earth. On this planet, each and every one is complete in itself.

God has given everything to survive for everyone.  There are zero chances of not having any creatator behind all this.

Every thing is scientific

Proof of God

The human body is the ultimate or biggest creation of all mighty. The scientist tells that human becomes human after the evolution of millions of years. Our ancestors were a monkey that’s what they teach in a school.

But this is another myth which I want to clarify. No monkey ever became a human because this bullshit is not possible. Humans are humans and monkeys are monkeys from the beginning of the time.

God has created all of us and we have to belives in that.

Nothing, more advanced and scientific than the human body is out there. It is made up of trillions of the cell which doctor’s cant produces in their lab.

There are millions of processes continuously running in our body but we have no control over them. For the eg heart in the left side, your body continuously pumps through an entire life without stopping for a second.

If the heart stops beating then we are gone. When a person dies all his organs stop working and nobody knows what leaves the body which keeps all the part alive.

Such mysteries human has no answers and no accident can produce such big result. So definitely, there must be someone who has created all this.

That’s why God exists and you have to believe.

The Conclusion

“I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors”.– Joel Osteen

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Do not worry that God exists; it is very good for us that someone is watching us and always there for help.

God does not demand any money, food, milk or flowers from us because he or she has no need. He or She only wants us to do good things in life, do not commit any crime or sins which negatively affect others life. 

God lives inside each and every one of us. No matter how much the person is bigger or smaller than you. If you disrespect or harms someone, it is directly insults of god and god will punish you.

So believe, do some prayer and make your day perfect.

Always believe in God and God will be kind one day.

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    Yes, we can not neglect God presence in this universe.
    I think we can observe the God presence in every breath of our life.
    Nicely written article with full of motivations

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