Why You Should Live Purpose Driven Life

By | December 4, 2018

People want to achieve so much in life but most of them end up achieving nothing. They want a happy life but they do not know where they have to start or go into which direction. This is called lack of purpose and if you do not know your life purpose then forget about becoming great.

Great people know clearly their purpose what they have to do and how to get what they want. People who have no purpose, live an average life and their happiness always be compromised.

How to Know Your Purpose

If you want to know your life purpose you have to ask some question to yourself and be very honest about them. What do you do? Why do you do? Is it really your passion that you are doing, can you do the job rest of your life and be happy?

If you are following your passion then well done you are on right track. People who do not know the purpose of life must know why they exist. What their passion is which they can follow the rest of their lives. What drives you, what inspires you and what are the activities that you can do with your heart.

Everyone has some unique qualities but we have to identify them. If you don’t know about yourself then you have no reason to become great or successful in life.

If you know the direction where you want to go or you have a map in an unknown place then you can easily reach your destination. But if you do not know where you have to go how you can reach, isn’t it simple. If you want to climb a mountain faster than others and don’t have a clear route then how can you come first? And coming first in today’s competition is very important.

Work on a Single Purpose

Find your purpose so that you can work on it daily and give all your energy to achieve it. If you waste your action and energy here and there then someone else will grab your opportunities, who know the life purpose very clearly.

There are people who are less intelligent than you; there are people who have less money and fewer opportunities than you but yet they are successful because they know their purpose. They know what they have to do each day and night which contributes to their purpose. Do not waste your time on something else. Dedicate your every breath to a single purpose and then no one can stop you. Don’t listen to people who say not to follow your dreams because these people have already given up.

The journey of success is very long, it has many ups and down. But you should always try to stick your purpose because the purpose is the key to success. So find your purpose and use it to become successful in life.