7 ways to become super awesome in your life

By | June 10, 2016

Guys, I know you are awesome but you can be more awesome. Here are 7 tips to go from awesome to super awesome.

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Super awesome personalities are such people who spread positivity around the world and inspire other people to do better through their super awesome habits. If you are an awesome personality who knows everything and you think, it cannot get better. Then trust me, guys, it can get better and if you want to know how simply follow these tips.

7 ways to become super awesome

Live With Passion

Super awesome people are always passionate about something in their lives. Living with your passion is truly living with your true self. It is the best way to achieve more in life because when you do what you want then nobody can stop you from being super awesome.

passion in life

If you are not passionate about something in life then it’s time for you to find your passion, live with it and do not stop until you get it. Keep in mind that finding your passion requires lots of self- awareness; it’s all about knowing yourself that what are your strengths, weakness and deciding your passion accordingly. So find your passion, try all the way to achieve it and that, in my opinion, is super awesome.

Having Positive Attitude and Outlook

Having positive attitude and outlook leads you to success and happiness. It helps you to handle daily problems more easily because it avoids your worries and negative thinking. You can do and achieve more in your daily life by simply having positive attitude and outlook. All the successful people have a positive attitude that’s why they are able to achieve so much. Bad things happen in successful people lives too, where they feel down. But generally, overall they have positive attitude and outlook.

On the other hand, there are people who do not think positive, talk positive and spread negativity to the world all the time. These people are always unhappy and suck in their lives. So guys do not suck and be super awesome by simply having positive attitude and outlook.

Treat People with Respect

Always treat other people with respect. Not just people you like, not just people you need, but respect everybody. Do not insult other people and make fun of them; do not talk behind their backs and always be sensitive to others people feeling.

respect all people

Treating other people with respect shows your good character. Super awesome people always respect other people and you need to do so.

Stand for what’s Right not for what’s Easy

When you do the right things in the right way then you have nothing to lose because you have no fear. Always stand for what is right because it shows you values and does not bother about outcomes.  It is not so easy to stand for what’s right because times comes when we all want to go the easy way. But to have a super awesome life, always do the right things because it is always worth it to stand for what’s right not what’s easy. And if you do so then you are going to be more happy and awesome, I PROMISE.

Awesome People stand up for themselves

People who stand up for themselves take care of their personality, health and status are always being more happy and awesome in their lives. But if you do not stand up for yourself, allow other people to control your actions, decisions and happiness  then this is a most miserable way to live the life. So always believe in yourself, you need to have the confidence to handle your situations and take the responsibilities of your action. Stop viewing yourself as a victim, learn to say no whenever required. Define your values and always stand by with them and if you do that you become super awesome.

Always help other people

Life is all about relationship, it is about helping others. There is absolutely no better feeling that you get from helping others. If you are a person who helps others, then you are already a super awesome personality. Not just help people because you want something from them but help them because you want that super awesome feeling.

Do not compare your awesomeness with someone else

do not compare your awesomness

Super awesome people do not compare themselves with someone else rather than they just compete with themselves. They always try to improve themselves from their past and this in itself is super awesome. So always try not to compare yourself because it will waste you precious time and makes you unhappy all the day.


I know lots of these tips are hard; they might not be in your nature. But once you start focusing on these tips and start working on yourself every day, trust me guys you are going to be more super awesome each day. The more super awesome thing you do more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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