Garbage in, Garbage out–What you need to know

By | March 29, 2016

Garbage in, garbage out is a very popular term in this modern world. As you know, the time where we are living right now is called information age. Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines are some of the resources available today where we can spend  most of the time and  find anything which we want to watch or read.

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But the problem arises, when you do not use these resources properly. And waste most of your time in the stuff which is not productive for you like watching TV serials, movies, news and reading social media status all the time. This all is called Garbage In, because such kind of stuff is not helpful in achieving success. If you continue to waste your time on these things, then you continue to get what you are getting till now. All these are not making you a valuable person but spreading the negativity in your brain. Simply, if you put garbage into your body your gonna get garbage result out. So what you are feeding your brain is the real challenge.

People in today’s world are so used to of TV serials, news and social media that they are wasting most of their free time, and think that it is a good way to relax them. Some people are watching the news in most of the news channels daily. And thought that it is good for them to know everything that is happening around them. But seriously, I am telling you that this kind of information is not good for your brain to produce extraordinary results. You have no control over these news and TV serials and are totally wasting your valuable time. For example, if you hear about some accident, murder, robbery, terrorist attack, scams etc on news channels can you control or stop them. No, nobody can do that because these things are not in your control and only spreading negativity about the world in your head.

So you need to consume good quality content into your brain. If you do not watch out your information then your mind will produce ideas according to information it has. What your mind do? It will simply consume and store the data that you are providing and playing with it all the time. And if you are providing bad data to your mind then it becomes very difficult for your brain to produce good results.

Extraordinary results are produced by the mind that has a good knowledge of a particular topic and feeds up with rich information about that topic. So focus on your information intake that is helpful for you and stops worrying about the crisis that is happening around the world.  If you are not feeding your brain with rich and valuable information then you need to take actions to replace your resources of information with more valuable resources.

Stuff like reading books, blogs, spending time in studying, talking to people who have good knowledge, meditations etc. are good and rich resources for your mind. And if you are watching stuff then watch stuff that really is educational. Like personal development programs, documentaries, talk shows, motivational YouTube channel etc. These are some good resources to provide valuable information to your brain. So that it can produce extraordinary results that you want.

So if you want a successful life then start consuming valuable information which helps your brain to think and produces valuable ideas for yourself.

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