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By | July 17, 2016

learn faster

To succeed in this competitive world, you need to learn lots of new things. And if you do not know how to learn faster then you can definitely put yourself into trouble.

Before knowing how to learn faster, I want to tell you that learning is a continuous process and not something that you will master immediately. You probably heard many people that I want to learn French, someday I will learn dancing; someday I will learn this and that etc. But in actual, they do not learn anything because learning does not happen someday. It has to happen constantly and for that, you need to have a vision of what you want to become and what you have to do.

5 Ways to Learn Fast

Connect your learning with your vision

We all human being are so curious that we want to learn everything. But always keep in mind that curiosity kills the cat. Every one of us wants to learn hundreds of new things immediately. But we never ever learn anything because these things are not real. They are just our desires and have no meaning to our lives. We can learn those things faster who are related to our vision and has real meaning attached to our lives.


Define your dreams, what you want to become, where you want to go, what lifestyle you choose etc. so that that you can easily decide what to learn. You won’t know what to learn and what skills to develop until you know your mission. Otherwise, you will waste your time in playing with new skills and learnings and never emerges yourself into them and never become a master. So guys, if you want to learn faster then starts figuring out your purpose start figuring out your directions and then you will learn a lot faster.

Follow someone who had already done it

There are billions of people and thousand years of human history out there. What you want to learn is already accomplish by many people. You just need to model someone who has already done it. Go, read about what you want to learn, meet the person and get experience if you can or just find something related to your missions and learn because this will give you kick start so much fast and it is the fastest way to learn.

The worse thing in learning fast is to start from scratch because you are trying to invent the wheel but the wheel was invented thousands of years ago. This is the slowest way to learn when you learn without any guidance because in today’s world there are so many examples for you to learn from and start with. So why not follow something or someone who had already done it.


practice hard

If you really want to learn anything then you need to do it daily because then only you can emerge yourself into and become a master.

Because we all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”.

If you say that I cannot give every day to learn something then ok, you are giving every day to steady decline.

All successful people practiced their skills so much that now they can proudly say that oh! This is in my blood.

Similarly, you need to practice your skills every day to become the best in the business. And then if someone asks you, how you are so good at it then you can also proudly tell them, dude, I worked at it, every day that’s why. There is no mystery I got good at it because I did it every day.

Taking feedback

Taking immediate feedback will helps you in learning anything fast. When we take feedback it helps us to take important decisions and get us back on the track. It is cheapest and most effective way to experience reality. So always take feedback for what you trying to learn.

Your goal should be taking feedback and never stops learning. For better results always take feedback from good and trusted people and if the feedback is from mean and negative people then just ignore them and move forward.

Having a deadline

Most important factor in learning fast is setting a deadline for you. When you have a deadline it always forces you to think about and take action on what you have to do next. It pushes you to work on your goals every time when you are distracted.

If you do not set deadlines for you then you can never become productive or cannot learn and accomplish things fast. Without deadlines, we are easily distracted and wastes most of our time. So always set deadlines for you.

Now you know guys that what you need to learn, how to follow someone who had already done it. Do practice and take feedback from good people and know your time frame and then you will start to learn a lot faster.

The faster you start to learn more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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    I have to learn this quickly,I have mainly problems with focus and having enough sleep. Have to pay attention those to this week. Really helpful article, thanks!

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    One great way to learning is by doing it and getting the hands dirty. The quality of learning is great as it is not just theoretical but practical.

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