How to make Good Decisions in your life

By | May 7, 2016

good decisions

The success of a person is defined by how many good decisions he or she takes in his/her lifetime. But the majority of people underestimate the power of decision making; they never bother themselves in learning such habits and often end up with making some bad decisions in their lives. Taking bold decisions is a skill, which can be learned through following steps.

Make your decision sooner

The majority of people take so much time in making important decisions so that most of them are now in trouble. Now it becomes more difficult for them to make their decisions. It is usually easy to make a decision early on than it is later on. Because as you take more time more responsibilities, more stress and more expectations of people arise in your decision-making process. As a result, it becomes more difficult for people to make their decisions and usually they end up with making bad decisions in their life. So, if there is a decision that is good for you, make it sooner.

In today’s world, most people are too busy in “Analysis Paralysis” that they forgot to implement their decisions in real life and always busy in thinking for themselves. These people are scared of making bold decisions in their lives and often end with making a bad call in a hurry. So stop delaying your important decision and just make them happen. And if you are avoiding your decisions then I must tell you that, avoidance feels great in the short term but in the long term it guarantees to suffer. Because it only gets worse the longer you wait.

Set criteria for making a decision

Each one of us has a different circumstance in our life, so make sure that you set criteria according to your situations for making your decision.But I am telling you the general criteria’s for making a decision. If you are taking an important decision consider these criteria’s-

First of all, take a decision which is good for you and make you happy.

Does this decision support your family and people around you?

Apply universal rule- Means what happen if the whole world has to take this decision, what other people do in this situation. Make sure you consider all these things while making an important decision in your life.

In simple terms, make your decision in such a way that if it comes in tomorrow newspaper as a headline, you should be proud of your decision. In general, these criteria’s are very helpful for most people and if you are doing this then surely you are doing a great job in your decision making.

Make sure you research before you make a decision

decision making research

Collecting good information on your decisions increases your chances of success. Most bad decisions are made because we listen to wrong people and acted without any information.

There is nothing you want to achieve that someone had already achieved. What you are trying to overcome in your life is already overcome by many other people and you have to believe that because there are 7+ billion people and thousands of years of human history out there. Someone had gone through that you are going right now, someone achieved already what you are trying to achieve. So, a roadmap for everything already exists.

Make sure you do your research that what other people had done in that area?  What they choose and what decision they make while facing a similar problem. But most people do not do their research, acting from their wrong intuitions and often end up with making a bad decision. So make sure you do some intelligent research before making an important decision in your life.

Learn from your past mistakes

If you made some bad decision in your past then sit down and think, why was that decision bad? Why I make that decision? Was I in a hurry? Or did I not set any criteria or not doing enough research. Because sometimes, the best way to make good decisions in your future is by looking back what you have done with your decision making in past. And that also apply in looking back some of your best decisions in past, decisions that you are proud of. What criteria were there? Why and how you made that decision? So learn from your past decision and apply them in your future decision-making process.


So what is the next big decision you need to make that you are waiting on? What it really is that you need for you and your family. Just define your next big decision and go out do some research, set some criteria and make that happen as sooner as possible.

More decisions you make in your future that are good for you more you start to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life.”