Life doesn’t give you what you want it gives you what you deserve

By | December 4, 2018

Life becomes very difficult sometimes when you don’t get what you have dreamed for yourself. Achieving greatness these days became more difficult because of the increasing number in competition. But I tell you there is a way you can get what you want and achieve success in life.

If I have to sum up the difference between people who achieve what they want and others who won’t is Discipline. If you don’t have the disciplines then don’t waste your time in dreaming big. Success is not for you because it requires lots of discipline. Discipline to hard work. And if you are not willing to do hard work then “Life doesn’t give you what you want it gives you what you deserve”. Success requires more work than you think. Discipline is the only way you can do lots of hard work in your life.

Show Your Discipline

You have so much entertainment option available today but do not focus on them. Show your discipline. You have so much delicious yet unhealthy eating options available but do not eat unhealthily. Show your discipline. When you feel tired and have no energy left do not stop. Show your discipline. Discipline to keep going when it hurts this kind of discipline I am talking about.

You can not achieve greatness in your comfort zone. what do you think that great people earn so much money and respect by sitting in their comfort? No, they have to work hard day and days out to perform their duties and this all comes with discipline.

You have to know your values, know your standards, and know what you want to do and practice it daily because discipline and consistency are the keys. If anything is not going your ways and seems impossible, work hard don’t stop yourself. No one can stop you but you. Never forget your discipline otherwise” Life doesn’t give you what you want it will give you what you deserve”.

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