Tips to remember in an important conversation

By | July 11, 2016

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We all know that “Silence is Gold”. These are very powerful words which mean that when you do not know How to talk?  When to talk?  What to talk? Then you need to be silent. Because saying something wrong will definitely leave a bad impression.

But in today’s modern world we have to go through lots of conversation that are really important and we cannot remain silent in them. So to let’s find out some important tips that will definitely help you in a conversation.

4 Tips to improve your communication skills

Effective Listening

When you listen carefully one of the advantages is that you can understand the topic very well. As you understand more you can have more control over the conversation. As a result, people become more friendly, they always feel happy and relaxed in your presence. When you listen to other people with patience, they always want to be with you most of the time. Because when you listen, other people, you make them feel important.

Effective listening is such a powerful tool in a conversation because it builds the trust. More you listen to other people more they will trust you or believe in you.

Pause Before Replying

A short pause of 2-3 seconds after a person stops talking is a very classy thing to do in a conversation. Taking a short pause avoid the risk of interrupting other people. It will give some time to a person to catch his/her breath that just stops talking.

Taking a short pause also shows that you are listening carefully and are not in a hurry of talking. Because you cannot start talking immediately after other person stops talking. So guys, make a habit of taking a short pause in a conversation because it will help you in building your character.

Ask Questions for Clarification

question clarity

People often do not ask questions for clarification because they think that it is not a good thing to do. But I am telling you that never assume what other people are saying. Instead, if you have any doubt asks for clarification. For example, how do you mean? Sorry, I did not get it, or how do you mean exactly? You can ask such questions for clarification.

When you ask such questions it shows that you are interested in conversation. If you ask such questions, other people cannot stop themselves from explaining little more. As a result, you can have more clarity of topic and you can handle, guide or control the conversation very well.

Always start with connecting to speaker’s word

Before you put your opinion always starts with some points that other people had said. For example, you can start talking by saying that’ let me understand you little more you have said this and this’ and then you can put your own opinion. By doing so you genuinely mention that you are paying enough attention and making all your efforts to understand another person.

Guys remember these tips because these are very important in building your personality and character. Use these tips in your conversation and make your impression.

The more good conversation you have more you starts to feel what we called “Fully Charged Life”.

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