Why judging other people affect your own life

By | March 22, 2016

This is one of the most important topics in personal development but the majority of people are not aware of it.
First of all, I am not saying that never judge people and I also do no not judge, judging others is something that we all do but some people take it more seriously and start judging others constantly.


Judging other for their good traits is not the bad thing like we can judge people on their jobs, income, houses; behavior etc but when you star judging other people for small things then it became a bad habit, like judging people on their clothes, hairstyle, height, personality, religion etc. Such people judge others for no reasons but only for their own happiness because they develop these bullshit habits of judging others and do not know that how it is ruining their own life.

When you judge someone, something or some situations constantly what your mind do, it will quickly start labeling the things and most of the time these labels are either good or bad.

When you judge things, situations and people through your day then your mind make a habit of surviving itself, means when you look out anything you start judging and evaluating these things and your mind make sure that everything fits with your survival. And if anything is not according to what you thing you immediately put a label on it.

But in reality, there is no such thing called good or bad, it does not happen in reality. The reality is just neutral. You may think that some people are good or some situations are bad. But this is not reality; these are just thoughts of your mind. Now the problem with judging other constantly is very big. Guys, who judge others regularly, criticize and find faults in the situations all the time are not happy with anything that happens in reality.

The problem with that kind of life is just that you cannot live happily because judgment and happiness cannot co-exist. Happiness comes from reality and judgment makes you criticize the situations and you never find any situation according to your desire. So most of your time will go on to criticizes the things which you do not like. As a result, your mind makes a habit of not satisfying itself from whatever in reality and this way of living life is really a losing game.

But when you start judging something or some situations this became more harmful to yourself. For example, there is a car which you really like and want to purchase but if you have a judgmental mindset then you do not buy it, rather than you start criticizing  and finding faults in it because now there is a new car in market which is better than previous and now you want to buy newer one. But what happen when there is a new car in the market which is better than yours and you know this, then quickly you become dissatisfied with your present car and had an eye for latest car. And you see what is happening; there is a never ending cycle of satisfaction which keeps you away from happiness.

This all happens because of your judgmental mindset. If somebody gives you the best thing in the word what you gonna do next day, you start finding faults and labeling the things as good or bad, which is the most miserable way to live your life. Because you become a person who is always dissatisfied internally and comes into the category of toxic people.


Such people face lots of problems in their life related to friendship, relationship and society. Nobody wants to live with you or wants to become your friend because you are full of fakeness in your mind.

What you have to do

Recognize the ideal situation, ideal situations is to live with reality as it is. The reality is neutral and you have to treat it as such. Stop criticizing the situations and assigning the labels on other people, because everything and everybody on this planet earth are different from one another.

Your life become full of these labels which you think real, but they are not. These are the just bad creation of your mind. So figure out how much you judge someone, some situation on your daily basis and retrain yourself slowly to unhook from them and stop judging.

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